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Blue Yak Productions

Video Production

Below are a few digital shorts that Greg produced. In each of these, he was in charge of every aspect of production, from writing through editing.

hot mail video image
snail joke video image
"Hot Mail"
Digital short; a work-at-home guy's worst nightmare come to life.
"The Snail Joke"
Digital short; who is that rapping at my chamber door?
Dingus video image
creativity video image
"Dingus: A Rap Noir"
Digital short; the story of The Maltese Falcon told in song.
"Creativity Captured"
Digital short; the creative process captured for posterity.
clif bar video image
green thumb video image
"Clif Bar: The Bike Ride"
Commercial, student assignment, create commercial for existing product
"Green Thumb"
Motion graphics, student assignment, opening credits for fictional film