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Greg's resume can be seen here, and a brief
bio is below.


Greg has had scripts place in competitions across the country; and had sketches produced for stage and CD. A favorite gig was founder and head writer for the Austin improv/sketch group Monk's Night Out. Their first year on stage they beat out a firmly-entrenched, long-time winner for Best Comedy Troupe in Austin.

He co-founded/headed a screenwriters' group, and was instrumental in many writers obtaining agents, managers or deals. This group also organized The Best Little Pitchfest in Texas, which brought Film Industry professionals to Texas to meet with screenwriters.


Greg began his career as a designer while in college, working as production manager for the student newspaper; on the side he would do freelance work - once being commissioned to create a game board for "Elvis Trivia." He has worked for ad agencies, papers and magazines, companies of all sizes from mom & pop to The Sharper Image.

He published his first childrens' book, in 2010; his second book is on its way, and should be available in early 2013.


Greg has done stand-up, improv, theater, voice, film and TV work - so yeah, that might have been him in that Jimmy John's or Choice Hotels commercial you saw. In addition to his in-front-of-the-camera work, he is currently producing film projects, both shorts and feature length.

A comedy CD he produced some years ago of his sketches (DINGUS) is available here at Amazon.