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I have been writing professionally for thirty years, and cover a lot of ground: greeting cards, ad copy, comic strips, short stories, childrens' books, sketch comedy and screenplays.

My first screenplay made it to the finals in the Austin Heart of Film Festival, and and at least three others have placed pretty consistently anywhere from semi-finalist to winner over the years in other competitions.

I co-founded and co-headed Austin UnBound, a group for screenwriters to work their material; AU ran for about five years, and many writers were able to hone their craft to the point where they made deals or found representation.

I wrote a comic strip in college that was in a weekly paper for four years, and then ran in some small papers in other states for about two years after school.

My first children's book was published in 2010, and my second is due out early in 2013. In 2004 I produced a comedy CD that was a compilation of sketch comedy previously performed on stage.

Below are some samples of my writing that have been recorded or filmed; and I have a production company that is currently gearing up to produce feature films.

See videos here that I wrote.

Off-World Vendor - There's always someone else who'll do it cheaper.

Dylan Forever - Singer-songwriter take a close look at himself.

Sam Spade: Lingerie - The hard-boiled detective finds a new job.

Space Shuttle - The first married couple to drive to Mars!

Tax Audit - Shedding light on a little-know IRS secret...