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Greg Dorchak

Greg has been writing and drawing since he was quite young, and started to get paid for it while still in high school. The doodling he did in class notebooks paid off, and he has been enjoying being an in-demand cartoonist for years, doing spot illustrations for large and small companies alike, newspapers and magazines, groups' logos and t-shirts design... you name it!

As a writer, Greg has worked in newspapers, magazines, comic strips, sketch comedy, screenplays and children's books, and once had his own line of greeting cards.

He began a career as a designer while in college, working as production manager for the student newspaper at UNLV for four years; on the side he would do freelance work - once being commissioned to create a game board for "Elvis Trivia" - a game that was produced and sold.

Greg has been acting since grade school, really got hooked in High School, and got his start in Show Bi'ness at age 17 doing stand-up in Las Vegas. He has also done improv, theater and film and TV work - so yeah, that might have been him in that commercial you saw.

In his spare time he enjoys taking photos of people, places and things; he wonders how he ever survived without a digital camera.

So, take a look around - if you see something you like, drop him a line; if you have use of a service he would be more than happy to talk with you.


Take it easy.