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I write short stories, childrens books, comic strips, sketch comedy, screenplays - you name it. My favorite formats are sketches and screenplays. I have been writing since high school, and was getting paid for it the year after I graduated. Well, I got paid for a few gigs in school, but it was not what I'd call "real money."

I have had scripts place as semi-finalist and higher in numerous competitions across the country; have had sketches produced for stage and CD; and have had stories, reviews, features and poems published in newspapers and magazines.

One of my favorite gigs was as head writer for the Austin improv/sketch comedy group Monk's Night Out. In our first year on stage we beat out a firmly-entrenched, long-time winner for Best Comedy Troupe in Austin. That felt good Especially since for the majority of that first year I was the head and only writer.

I co-founded/headed a screenwriters' group, and during the five years this group ran, we helped writers work and tweak their material until it was ready to be submitted to industry professionals. We were instrumental in a number of writers obtaining agents or managers.

Our writing group also organized and produced The Best Little Pitchfest in Texas, which brought professionals to Texas to meet with screenwriters, take pitches and socialize. We put a dozen Hollywood professionals together with six times as many writers for two days, forming many relationships that still thrive today.

The links below show some samples.

>> Sketch Comedy

>> Screenplays

>> Children's Books

>> Greeting Cards

>> Comic Strips

And some videos here!