This Is Us Hitting You Up

Not to worry, this is not a traditional wedgie. Instead, we would like to pull some help from you in the form of support, not underwear.

Low budget indie productions thrive on the generosity of strangers: friends, family as well as the bigger money folks. We could ask you to be an extra, we could ask to use your house for a scene, food for a day, props, wardrobe - just about anything.

However - the money to cover production and marketing costs is the big one; and right now we definitely need SUPPORT for that.

Even if you can not wing it yourself, we would greatly appreciate any contact info or introductions you could give us that may help - or you could simply pass on this link to anyone who you feel would love to help a clown out.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

THANK YOU in advance! We will name a child after you.

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Help a Clown Out

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