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There is a reason that films produced for under a quarter of a million dollars seem to come from the same mold.  Anything beyond a small cast hanging out in and around a few locations (like a coffee shop or a convenience store) talking about some aspect of life for an hour and a half is expensive.

So when Sean, Jon, and Tim told folks they were going to make a film with a cast of more than 20 characters, hundreds of extras, 15 locations, and scenes that included a high school football game with a packed stadium and choreographed football action, a choreographed disco dance, a giant robot, rocket launchers, more than 100 visual effects shots, and multiple kung-fu fight sequences for under $250 thousand, it’s understandable that people would look at them like they were crazy.

Perhaps they were crazy, but they didn’t let that get in their way.

The film was called “Xtracurricular” and, after a short run of film festivals which included The Deep Ellum Film Festival in Dallas, TX and the Fantosporto International Film Festival in Portugal (the largest sci-fi and fantasy festival in the region), was just released to North American video (which includes the US and Canada) on April 26, 2005.  It is also available in Mexico, Japan, Thailand, and Israel with several more territories currently in distribution negotiations.

Not bad for a trio of first-timers and a film that everyone told them was impossible.

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