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Stone Soup will be made as a family-friendly, live-action feature. It is a fantasy story with a lot of humor, a lot of heart, and a much-needed message for our times.

The overall feel and look for the film will be a kind of Princess Bride meets The Road Warrior. There will be no specific time, place, or country represented - we want the feel to be very familliar, but nothing you can put your finger on. It is anywhere, at any time - sort of like reading a fairy-tale at bedtime.

Despite the message offered in Stone Soup, it will not be heavy-handed or preachy, but rather espouse the virtues of faith, tolerance, and understanding.


“Stone Soup” will create a world as textured as “The Lord of the Rings”, with characters as colorful as “Time Bandits”, tell a story as uplifting as “Life is Beautiful”, and inspire a following as loyal as “The Princess Bride”.

High Definition ::

“Stone Soup” will be shot on high definition video (HD) which offers superior picture quality and undeniable economy.  The viability of HD as a tool for producing feature films has been proven by the likes of “Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”, and “Sin City”.  Each of these films was shot using an HD video format and released to theaters around the world.

VFX ::

The success of “Stone Soup”, not just financially but as a film, will depend partially on the execution of the film’s complicated visual effects (VFX).

Visual effects is a global term used to describe effects that cannot be accomplished using standard photographic techniques during principal photography.  In other words, those effects that are created during post production.

Most VFX these days are accomplished with the aid of computers, and if you can think it, it can be done…as long as you know what you are doing, of course.

Our VFX supervisor knows what he is doing.  Sean Cunningham has been working in the VFX industry since 1991 and contributed to some of the most dazzling images to ever grace the silver screen.  His digital genius will guarantee that the effects in “Stone Soup” will be nothing short of world class.

Project Schedule ::

 “Stone Soup” will take 10-12 months, including 4 months of pre-production, 1 month for principal photography, and 5-7 months for post production.