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Casting is an important part of any film production. With the right cast a
good script can become a great film.

Casting can also aid the film in finding distribution: With a recognizable actor in a key role the film is more marketable to the movie-going public.

Keep in mind that established talent comes with a price tag, and securing
any of these performers will add to the cost of making the film, but also add much more to what we make back in return.

Below are some actors (or types) that we'd like to see in the major roles, though we are open to any great choices. What we are shooting for in overall look for the film is a multi-cultural cast.

Henrik - William H. Macy or Paul Giamatti

Zola - Kathy Bates or Alfre Woodard

Antolin - this character may be a boy or girl -

Drakko - Mickey Rourke or The Rock

Pashe - Lawrence Fishburn or John Tuturro

Teodoro - Danny Devito or Kevin James

The Soldier - Would prefer an unknown, or an actor that can be "forgettable" in appearance - it is his message that needs to stand out and be remembered.