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It is just after a terrible war...

The smoldering remains of small villages dot the countryside.  People fear their neighbors, hide food from their own families and ignore pleas for help from strangers.  Until one day…

A mysterious Soldier returning home from war with his two companions, PASHE and TEODORO, stops in such a village torn apart by suspicion and greed.  The Soldier and his friends are feared and reviled, thought to be part of the evil band of marauders led by the sinister DRAKKO that had recently run through the area, plundering and destroying property.  The village has no leader, but two of the more vocal inhabitants, the spinster ZOLA and the widowed HENRIK do their best to drive off the weary visitors.

Despite the efforts of the townspeople, the trio soon sets up a small camp on the outskirts.  The only person with enough courage to talk to them face to face is Henrik's son ANTOLIN, a quiet boy with bright eyes.  The Soldier soon wins over Antolin with stories about his travels, and invites the boy and his family to share a meal.  When the news spreads that these strangers have food, the villagers start to come out of hiding, each hoping that they will be able to share as well. 

The stranger begins cooking the meal that everyone has heard so much about, and soon people are angry again - he cooks a stone!  With a few more well placed stories and questions, the Soldiers soon have the village helping them with the meal.  Neighbors "find" food and utensils they had been hoarding, and a few hours later a veritable feast is prepared for everyone, and soon there is a sense of community - that may be short lived.

Brought back by the smell of the magical soup, Drakko and his men invade the village.  They start to take the bounty they find, and threaten to burn the place to the ground; things look bleak.  But he lessons learned by Henrik, Zola and the rest of the village help the townspeople to fight back, with the aid of a nearby village.  The bully Drakko is defeated, sent running away stripped of his weapons and dignity, and the village sets about the task of rebuilding.