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Code Enforcer

Dave Petty has a proud family legacy of law enforcement heroes. From His Great Great Grandfather nabbing John Wilkes Boothe, to his Grandfather’s heroic act during a sniper attack on a college campus, Dave’s forefathers were exceptional men of action. And if it weren’t for Dave’s own father dying in a freak accident on the way to take the Police Academy exam, Dave might have joined their ranks. But as it is, Dave finds himself deeply entrenched in the job of Neighborhood Code Enforcer.

He spends his days in the snooty Texas Gated Community of LakeField Hills, making sure that trash receptacles are brought in from the curb on time, lawn ornaments enhance the property they sit on, and grass does not grow past three an one quarter inches in height. And to top it off, the overbearing, gung-ho Chief Code Enforcer, Vern, makes sure every day that Dave knows his place in this miserable job.

But there may just be a way out of the mundane and into the heroic if Dave can manage to pull himself together. Each year, larger-than-life Texas Governor “Bucky” Silverman nominates an outstanding regional law enforcement official to the Texas Ranger’s Academy, and this year he’s choosing one from the Lakefield Hills region. It’s a long shot, but just maybe Dave can impress the governor if he collects more citations than those jerks from RiverPark at the Mountain - as well as his own boss, Vern,  who would like nothing more than to see Dave crash and burn.

In order to cream Vern in the citation-writing competition, Dave has to find a way to harpoon the great white whale of code violators - local restaurateur and sleezeball Sonny Goblotto. Dave discovers Sonny is “well connected” in Lakefield Hills, enjoying special immunity from the strict HOA codes.

When Dave digs a little deeper into the goings on at Sonny’s garish Tuscan-style villa, he finds that code violations are the least of the would-be wise-guy’s problems. If Dave can untangle this greasy web of corruption and murder, he just may prove himself Ranger material. And with the help of his loyal, paranoid partner Sue, a tough, pretty waitress from Rocco’s own bistro, and two red-neck brothers, Dave does just that.

In the vein of the dark comedy “Fargo,” and satirical “Office Space,” and with the feel of box office hit “Napolean Dynamite,”“Code Enforcer” paints a funny, quirky picture of exclusive, gated communities whose silly codes and residents are in need of violation.