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So You Wanna be in the Movies?
We can't help you with that one ... however, you can be a part of the making of Code Enforcer - a hilarious feature length comedy written, directed, cast, and produced by nerdy Austin Filmakers! While our lawyers talk their talk to the big investors with deep pockets - we (cast and crew) are appealing to our family and friends to donate $50 or more to help us meet the day to day expenses of making this quality film. Once the movie is distributed - we will reward our loyal fans by sending you a token of our appreciation - a tee-shirt or a movie poster signed by the cast.
Seriously - we know how hard you work for your money - so thanks for being a part of Code Enforcer! Feel free to send along to your friends too - they'll thank you later!

The Gang at LakeField Hills
Dump some
cash on us!