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The feature length comedy Code Enforcer is seeking funding to finish principal photography and post production. No sugar coating here - we had some funding sources pull out because of the downturn in the economy - we need funding as soon as possible so that we do not lose momentum. The basic facts:

-- We have completed half of our principal photography - including scenes with Eddie Mekka and Erin Moran. They are paid in full.

-- We have approximately three weeks of shooting left, we need to pay cast and crew.

-- This is an investment, not charity. Investors will receive a 20% ROI, plus continued resdiuals from movie sales. Minimum buy-in is $5k.

-- Film, as risky as it is, is a much better bet than the stock market at the current time. Comedies in particular are doing exceptionaly well at the box office/rental houses now.

-- We already have a relationship with a film distributor, so sales will be made almost imediately upon completion of final film.

-- We do not have a huge budget - so breaking even and subsequent gains will not be difficult to achieve. Napolean Dynamite was made for around $400k, and went on to make $40 million; and that was not even in wide distribution.

This page is a quick reference for people/companies wishing to invest in the film. This information is a broad overview, for more in-depth info, go here.

For more information please contact us:

-- Steve Cauley - Producer

-- Greg Dorchak - Producer

-- We can put you touch with our attorney as well for any legal questions.