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Spacemonkey Labs (SML) is a startup enterprise engaged in the development and production of motion pictures for theatrical release. The goal of this company is to raise the bar for quality and overall entertainment value of independent film while producing commercially viable, yet modestly budgeted feature films.

SML is seeking investment capital of $10 million in minimum shares of $500 thousand to produce the feature-length action/fantasy film “Apocalypse... When?”. This is an investment, not a loan, that means the initial investment will be paid back plus 15%, and then residuals will be paid depending upon distribution deal.

:: Management Team ::

The founders of Spacemonkey Labs bring to the table both entrepreneurial and creative vision, in-depth expertise in film production, and more than 20 years of motion picture experience. In addition, the team is complimented by a support group of talented and experienced consultants and advisors.

:: The Product ::

SML endeavors to produce the feature-length action/fantasy film entitled “Apocalypse... When?” written by Greg Dorchak about what happens when the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse get tired of waiting around for the End of the World.

Read script here.

Action films have historically done well both at the box office and in DVD sales/rentals. Fantasy and comedy films have also been historically good bets as well. Hellboy, Pirates of the Carribean and Iron Man all not only were huge audience favorites, but made huge amounts of money worldwide.

:: The Industry ::

By definition, an independent film is one that is financed by any source other than a U.S. studio. Independent does not have to mean low cost or quality.

The success of 1999’s “The Blair Witch Project”, which has earned in excess $200 million in worldwide revenues to date, paved the way for independent films recent highway to success. It revolutionized how studios and distributors approach both production and marketing of films of all sizes. Independent films can range widely in budget, from just a few thousand dollars to as high as $100 million, but they all share the same trait: a desire for freedom from the homogeneity of big studio production.

:: The Market ::

"The country may be divided on some issues, but movies that have a good message for kids that adults enjoy are universally embraced," says Tom Rothman of 20th Century Fox.

"It's just good business to create movies that everyone wants to see," Disney spokesman Dennis Rice says. "It's all that much better when Mom, Dad and the kids agree (on) movies they all want to see."

“Apocalypse... When?” will target a wide demographic of viewers looking for entertainment with a great story and plenty of action, as well as general fantasy film enthusiasts.

:: Distribution ::

SML will initially seek distribution by small-to-medium sized, genre-oriented companies whose proven ability to handle lower-budget films with interesting themes appeals to our desire for special handling.

We will hold screenings specifically for distributors in larger markets such as Los Angeles and New York. We will contact individually some of the distributors who have experience with the horror and fantasy film genre. In addition, we will take the film to markets and festivals as appropriate.

More detailed info here